Having a synchronised clock system will help ensure that all departments are exactly on the same time.

Analogue Clocks

A comprehensive range of high-quality clocks in a large variety of styles, sizes and movement types.

LED LCD Clocks

Our digital range of clocks to provide precision timing in a clear, bold manner.

Wireless Clock System

Ensures 100% time keeping accuracy with our range of wireless and digital clock systems.

PA/Lockdown Systems

Keep your classroom, office or warehouse up to date and secure with announcements, bells and alerts.

Wifi Clocks

Wi-Fi Clocks represent the most up to date and cost effective solutions for any organisation.


An effective master clock system in your school is an essential part of school management.


Efficient time keeping is one of the hallmarks of a successful commercial office or business.

Timing SolutionsDesign and supply of commercial clocks and systems.

Based in London, UK company, E A Combs Limited specialises in the design and supply of commercial wall clocks and industrial wall clocks for the commercial market. We also supply a range of master clocks, Stopwatches, Stopclocks and Timing devices for education, industry and the sports markets.

These clocks have been supplied for many years to various outlets including schools, offices, factories, cricket pavilions and golf clubs. They offer excellent visibility and long term value, bringing a focal point to any building.

The wide range of clocks is supplied to many market areas, including offices, schools and colleges, banks, factories and warehouses, hospitals, sports halls and swimming pools. There is a wide variety of sizes, designs and movement type to satisfy most requirements.

The selection of Wireless clock systems stopwatches, master clocks, stopclocks and timing devices is suitable for most applications within educational, industrial and laboratory markets.

Established since 1895, E A Combs Limited is a privately owned and managed company that offers products that are intended to provide long term value. To discuss your requirements for commercial wall clocks, industrial wall clocks, master clocks or any of our range of products, please use our contact page.

Get in touch today - Phone: 0208 530 4216 / Email: sales@eacombs.com.

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