The E.A Combs range of Analogue clocks offers a fine selection with sizes from 215mm to 850mm in diameter that you will find something suitable for almost all applications. Read More

The clocks have a wide range of movement options available from battery quartz, radio controlled, silent sweeping second hand movements, mains powered and slave movements for clock systems.

All clocks are available with either a 12 or 24-hour Arabic number dial and have a high-quality, low-noise, quartz-battery movement as standard. All of the clocks in the range come complete with relevant batteries.

Radio-controlled battery clocks, which maintain 100% accuracy as well as automatic time changes by receiving the MSF time code signal will operate in the vast majority of buildings. However, they are likely to be restricted in areas surrounded by metal cladding or close to areas of radio interference. We recommend that areas be checked for signal strength prior to the purchase of quantities of clocks. We can offer sound advice and carry out tests for signal strength monitoring if required.

Mains-powered clocks are available in a variety of sizes, most of which have a continuously moving sweep second hand, as well as battery backup in case of power failures as standard.

Two recent additions to this range are radio-controlled clocks fitted with a new 4-battery movement, which allows extended periods of up to 5 years between battery changes. These clocks are particularly useful for offices, classrooms and school halls, etc., where they can be left without any need for maintenance for a much longer period of time.

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