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303mm/12" White Case PoE Clock

EA Combs Wi-Fi Analogue Clock Features

Built-In Web Interface Each Wi-Fi clock has its own web interface, which allows the user to easily configure features such as 12/24 hour mode (digital clocks only), time zone offset, domestic and international Daylight Saving Time, etc.

Self-Diagnostics – Each clock can perform self-diagnostics to keep the user informed about the clock’s status.

Server Synchronisation Redundancy – Each Analogue Wi-Fi Clock stores up to 5 NTP server addresses to ensure synchronisation even if one or more servers fails to communicate.

Master Clock Optional – As long as internet is reliable or an in-house NTP/SNTP time server is available, a master clock is optional since each clock can receive the time data directly from the NTP/SNTP time source. Otherwise, a master clock with a GPS receiver can be added to the system as an accurate time source.

Wi-Fi Monitoring Software – View, supervise, and configure email alerts with the Analogue Wi-Fi Monitoring Software to keep up to date with your Wi-Fi Clock System. In addition, the Wi-Fi Monitoring Software shows the battery level of each battery-operated analogue clock in the system.

Cost Efficiency – Since the clocks receive the time over the facility’s existing Wi-Fi infrastructure, there is no need to run wires between the secondary clocks, therefore greatly reducing installation and maintenance cost. EA Combs Analogue and Digital Clocks are offered in 24v, 110 vac, and 230 vac. To further simplify installation, we also offer a battery-powered analog clock. A battery-powered clock can be installed by simply
inserting batteries into the clock and hanging it on the wall. Each battery operated analogue clock is powered by two D-Cell alkaline batteries, such as Duracell ProCell or Duracell Ultra, which can last between 5-7 years. Simply power the clocks, connect to your network, set, and go!

Safety Standard Compliance – Analogue Master Clocks and Secondary Clocks are designed to meet strict international safety standards and are (c)UL listed.

EA Combs - Analogue Wi-Fi Analogue Clocks - Specifications & Brochures

EA Combs – Analogue 

Wi-Fi Monitoring Software Brochure

Wi-Fi Round Clock

EA Combs – Analogue Wi-Fi Round Clock

Wi-Fi Square Clock

EA Combs – Analogue Wi-Fi Square Clock

EA Combs - Analogue Wi-Fi Clock System

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