Synchronised Transport Clock Systems

Organisations in the transportation industry are unique in that they don’t offer a physical product, but instead offer dependable, on-time logistics. Delivering this requires efficiency, time management skills, and dependability from both the organisation’s employees and equipment.

With the multitude of different options people have for getting from point A to point B, transportation stations need to operate with the highest efficiency and organisation to maintain a strong customer base.


Synchronised clock systems do more than merely display the correct time throughout the premises, they enhance the time management skills of employees, management and customers.

An overlooked problem that transportation stations frequently face is an outdated clock system. Implementing an EA Combs Synchronised Clock System can significantly increase the likelihood that your customers’ needs are met when they choose your organisation for their transport needs.

Whether it is an airport terminal, a railway station, a bus station or any other transportation facility, a synchronised clock system is an ideal product for successfully satisfying patrons.

Synchronised Time Systems for the Transport Industry

A synchronised time system can provide many benefits within a transportation facility, including:

Time Awareness for Patrons – Transportation organisations differ from most others in that while employee efficiency is a key factor for success, it does not guarantee it. For a transportation organisation to thrive, it’s just as important to provide optimal time awareness to patrons as it is to employees. If there is inconsistent time being displayed throughout your facility, there is a greater chance your patrons will miss their departure time. Whether a patron arrives early or arrives a few minutes before departure time, failure to provide the time reliably puts the individual at a disadvantage. Thinking there are 10 minutes left until a train departs, when there are only 6 minutes, can be the decisive factor in whether the patron can take the next train.

By implementing a synchronised clock system, problems like this will be avoided.

Enhancing Time Management Skills – Optimising the performance of your employees is one of the most important attributes to satisfying customers. One way to do this in the transportation industry is by building upon your employees’ time management skills. This skill is a necessity for efficiency to occur in the workplace. By installing a synchronised clock system in your facility, you are giving your employees an essential tool that will help them better manage their time.

Reduce Costly Maintenance Fees – Accurate, synchronised time is critical in the transportation industry, and when you invest in an EA Combs Synchronised Clock System, regular maintenance will no longer be an issue. In case of a power outage or Daylight-Saving Time, our clock systems can instantly and automatically update themselves. The money that would be spent on countless maintenance hours could be invested in other areas of the business and the organisation as whole will be more likely to prosper. Purchasing a system from a company that is renowned for manufacturing quality is the best way to ensure your organisation’s money is being put to good use.

These are only a few examples of how a synchronised clock system can benefit organisations in the transportation industry. An EA Combs synchronised time system offers so much more for a transportation organisation than simply displaying the correct time throughout its facilities. It helps maximise efficiency, customer satisfaction and prosperity that can help a transportation organisation rise to the next level.

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