The Importance of Time Synchronisation in Schools – Timing Solutions for Schools

School clocks and timing solutions for schools have to be 100% accurate  to comply with government regulations as well as national safety requirements. With hundreds of instructional minutes required by government regulation in educational facilities, there is a need for accurate time sources easily accessible to students, along with faculty. We are currently in an era where wrist watches have become obsolete and mobile devices serve as distractions. Luckily, The EA Combs Synchronised Time System is an advanced solution that allows facilities to move forward with a GPS based option, providing accurate time throughout schools, colleges & universities.

Safety in Schools – School Clocks for Emergencies, Lockdown Systems

With a rise in potential threats, proper procedures are practiced by schools so if a situation arises, students will be well prepared and know how to proceed. Even with a variation of school sizes, EA Comb’s Synchronised Digital Clocks are a reliable way to improve a facilities safety measure. With the ability to send messages for mass notification, EA Comb’s Digital clocks can display a 4 to 6- character message such as “FIRE” or “999”. These messages provide a visual aid during hectic situations and can assist in safety guidance.

Reducing Maintenance Costs with an Internal Time Server

Managing systems can consume time and money especially when education facilities can range from one building to multi-campus infrastructures. So how can a clock system eliminate additional costs and maintenance? With an EA Comb’s System, facilities can now point any IP device like their security cameras, phones, computers, etc. to an EA Combs internal Network Time Protocol (NTP) Master Clock time server. This option allows all devices to receive time from one central NTP server/time source.

Managing Daylight Saving Time and Time Drifting

Avoid climbing ladders, taking down clocks, and changing the time twice a year with an EA Comb’s synchronised system. Depending on the size of the facility and the number of maintenance workers, changing clocks for DST is a time-consuming process. Additionally, non-synchronised systems will drift over time, causing significant time discrepancies throughout the facility unless manually corrected. By adding a synchronised system, a facility is eliminating the additional maintenance with autocorrecting clocks.

Multi-Campus & Building Time Synchronisation

A major benefit with the EA Comb’s Synchronised Clock System is the ability to have accurate time in multiple buildings, whether the campus is in one location or if there are remote buildings across one or multiple states. This feature will hold students and faculty accountable for time management as well as provide campus wide efficiency.

Preventing Distractions


Although smart devices serve a major societal role, they are a distraction. For students, what starts as a quick glance to check the time, generates a curiosity to check social medial, reach out to a friend, or even play a game. While in retrospect, a teacher could begin checking emails, calendars, and personal messages. With the EA Comb’s Synchronised Clock System, a school, college or university is encouraging the students and faculty to be in the moment and avoid the distraction. The advanced time system is there to enhance the learning experience while eliminating smart device temptation.

Enhancing Seminars and Presentations

An additional feature EA Comb’s provides is a countdown clock used for seminars and presentations. EA Comb’s offers an elapsed timer. With the push of a button, faculty can provide a prescheduled countdown to a classroom clock, keeping a seminar or lecture on schedule. Another benefit is timed presentations for students keeping classes on track when there are multiple presenters.

The EA Combs Solutions

EA Comb’s state of the art systems provides low maintenance costs, 5- year battery life on analogue clocks, consistent time synchronisation all year round, etc. Whether choosing Wired, Wireless, IP, or a combination, an EA Comb’s solution can meet all of your needs. Click below for more information on school clocks and Wi-Fi clocks for schools.