Synchronised Sports & Leisure Centre Clock Systems

Sports and leisure centres are very often spread out across several distinct locations and have multi-purpose venues that all need to be managed effectively. From a small leisure centre to a large sports facility, E A Combs clock systems are designed to support your specific needs and grow with your business.

To keep a record of sports timing or simply to make customers and members aware of the correct time, EA Combs produces and supplies a range of analogue and LED synchronised sports clocks. The analogue clocks are mains or battery operated and offer a range of styles to suit clients’ requirements.

“The EA Combs RGB range of LED clocks are suitable for all forms of sports and leisure centres.”

The EA Combs RGB range of LED clocks is suitable for all forms of sports and leisure centres.

The clocks, made in the Prestige Line technology, are compact devices of high configuration capacity. The intuitive users’ menu allows you to fully customise the displayed information. The devices have non-volatile memory, which stores the entered settings. The set consists of a clock, mounting hardware and a remote control or a LAN communication module. The clock may be optionally equipped with a satellite time synchronisation module, a temperature probe and an industrial acoustic signalling device.

Landing Page Benefits

Flexible Solution

Wireless clocks can be relocated anywhere in your leisure centre without calling an expert.

Time Management

Smooth and organised running of operations for administrators.

Upgrade to Wireless

Expand to new buildings and areas without running cabling.

Reduce Annual Maintenance

Immediate reduction in often costly school maintenance.

Regulations and Compliance

Compliance with regulations and healthcare guidelines.

Specification Service

EA Combs offers a free specification service for sports and leisure centres.

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