School Lockdown Systems

EA Combs can provide schools with an affordable and reliable lockdown/PA/Class Change systems & wireless clock systems, that can be as basic or advanced as the customer requires. From a simple push button with speakers around inside and outside the premises to a more advanced system that includes the following 5 functions:

  • Class Change System
  • PA System
  • Lockdown Panic Alarm or other announcements
  • Live or pre-recorded music through our speakers
  • The ability to add our synchronised clocks throughout the school
  1. You do not need to have all the above functions if not required.
  2. You may just wish to have a basic lockdown system or all the features.
  3. The system is modular with different pieces of equipment for each function. However, you do need the sounders for the system to operate.
  4. For a basic lockdown system there is no requirement to purchase an expensive master clock as the software is all supplied and located at the PC.

The lockdown system is POE (Power over Ethernet) and uses your computer cabling to provide its power, so no need for mains power supplies. The wireless clocks run off signal 868mhz and the system signal can be extended over larger areas using a repeater, the systems are synchronised via GPS antenna to give a100% accurate time. Both systems are licence free.

The system offers the following functionality:
  • A multi-chime system with calendar programming at your PC.
  • Sounders can be set up into different zones.
  • Zones can then be added to groups for announcements.
  • Control buttons for pre-recorded announcements such as lockdown, wet play etc.
  • A microphone – record, listen and then broadcast messages to relevant groups or whole school/building.
  • Microphone messages can be archived and repeated later via PC.
  • The ability to play music through our speakers via Web radio, Web music, CD, USB or SD Card.
  • Synchronise with the AirTime Wireless clock system. Clocks can be analogue, LCD or LED.
Additional Documents
  • School security Non-statutory guidance 2018 – View
  • Lockdown Procedures for Schools Guidance 2018 – View
  • NaCTSO Guidance Note 1a/2016 – View
  • Tones and Voice Commands – Tones and Voice Commands

    Quick Quote

    I would just like to write and let you know what a fantastic job E.A.Combs Ltd have carried out on our site, we needed a reliable clock system where all the clocks are synchronised throughout the school making sure that our children and staff are at the right place at the right time.

    Marketfield School
    Alby Chable
    , Marketfield School

    All the staff and children love the fact that all our clocks show the same time. Caretaker delighted he does not have the job of changing 25 clocks twice a year! An excellent service, great value in both time and money.

    Hilderthorpe Primary
    Chris Bolton
    School Business Manager, Hilderthorpe Primary

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    System for Broadcasting Announcements and Lockdown Alarm in Schools.

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