Synchronised School Clock Systems

An effective master clock system in your school is an essential part of school management and vital to the smooth running of your school. Setting up a synchronised clock system for newer school buildings allows schools to take advantage of cabling infrastructure to install a school clock system using PoE (Power over Ethernet) while older buildings and schools can easily upgrade their current school clocks by using wireless clocks with a lengthy battery life.

One of the key challenges when upgrading a school clock system is ensuring that on a multi-venue education site, the master clock signal will be adequately received by slave clocks.

Don’t know which clock system is going to be more effective for your school? EA Combs offers a free specification service to all schools.

Wireless Clocks for Schools

E.A. Combs provides wireless clocks to schools across the United Kingdom in LCD and LED digital clocks and analogue clocks. Wireless clock systems are synchronised using a GPS antenna to synchronise a master clock which sends out the 868Mhz signal to school clocksl. The signal area can be extended using wireless signal repeaters. This ensures the school day is run to exactly the correct time, increasing punctuality for both pupils and staff resulting in improved and increased learning time

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    “I would just like to write and let you know what a fantastic job E.A.Combs Ltd have carried out on our site, we needed a reliable clock system where all the clocks are synchronised throughout the school making sure that our children and staff are at the right place at the right time.” Alby Chable, Marketfield School

    Accurate Clock Systems for School

    Effective Education

    Improve standards with classes starting and ending on time.

    Time Management

    Smooth and organised running of operations for administrators.

    Upgrade to Wireless

    Expand to new buildings and areas without running cabling.

    Lockdown / PA Solutions

    From a push button speaker system to advanced PA and class change systems.

    Reduce Annual Maintenance

    Immediate reduction in often costly school maintenance

    Flexible Solution

    Wireless clocks can be relocated anywhere in your school without calling an expert.