Synchronised Wireless Clock Systems

E A Combs offers an extensive collection of wireless clock systems, from analogue to digital faces and in a range of different shapes and sizes. Wireless clock systems or ‘wi-fi synchronised clocks’ work by synchronising a network of clocks, both analogue and digital, using a central transmitter. Repeaters can be used to extend the range of these wireless signals in order to cover a wider area or multiple-level buildings, and can be installed both indoors and outdoors. Read More

The wi-fi synchronised clocks deliver an accurate and reliable time, making them ideal for commercial areas such as offices, schools and hospitals. Using a wireless clock system means you can rely on an efficient, quickly installed master clock system which is also easy to maintain. Wireless clock systems can also help to cover larger areas, including factories, prisons and leisure centres. They can be integrated into existing master clock systems or used as part of a new build, ensuring there will always be an accurate time displayed throughout the premises.

Read some of our wonderful customer testimonials from various NHS hospitals, universities and businesses across the UK. We also provide wi-fi synchronised clocks and other master clock systems to international customers too. If you’re interested in our wireless clock systems or any of our other products, feel free to contact us by visiting the contact page here.

Our wireless clock systems also offer a range of other benefits; seasonal changes are automatically updated using a central system, meaning that time changes such as Daylight Savings Time (DST) will be changed remotely on the clocks on the network. The central unit changing multiple units also helps to reduce unsightly wiring and ensures slave clock accuracy during a change in the seasons.

The Airtime 868 wireless clock system works on 868Mhz signal and uses a GPS antenna or the Network (NTP) and a decoder to synchronise multiple clocks on a network. The wireless clock system is licence free in the U.K. and most of Western Europe. From the central unit, the signal has a range of approximately 250 metres, depending on the structure of the building.


• Simple wireless clock system installation resulting in significant cost savings
• Highly versatile as clocks can be located almost anywhere
• 100% accuracy of clocks, both inside and outside
• Automatic summer/wintertime changes
• Has programable relays for controlling classroom bells, etc
• Suitable for new systems or extensions of existing systems
• Analogue or LCD/LED clocks
• Latest generation of clock movement allows up to 8-year battery life using 4 x Duracell alkaline LR6/AA size cells for 30 and 40cm dia. clocks.
Why use an Airtime wireless clock system?
• Enables precise wireless time synchronisation between all clocks and gongs within a building and is available for digital and analogue slave clocks (frequency band 868 MHz)
• Airtime system works for analogue clocks and LED & LCD indoor clocks, as well as external LED clocks, and enables a cost saving through quick and flexible installation
• Best solution where a cable installation is not possible or too expensive; or where no radio reception is available
• Airtime wireless clock system enables secure radio reception, even in buildings outwards shielded (e.g. in hospitals)
• No extra installation cost for clock system as wireless clock simply placed within reach of a transmitter/repeater so adjusted automatically
• Unlimited number of wi-fi synchronised clocks can be controlled by a single transmitter. Time distribution over distances up to 250m is possible (repeaters can also extend distance and bridge building dead zones)
• Airtime analogue wireless synchronised clocks can be battery operate (life up to 6 years depending on clock type) or optionally 230v

We have solutions for all of your clock requirements. Please do not hesitate to contact us by clicking here. We will also be happy to prepare an individual offer for you.

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