PA & Lockdown Systems

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Listen to Tones and Voice Commands

EA Combs supplies and installs the ERMES range of communication devices based on direct interfacing to LAN (local area network) and Peer-To-Peer communication infrastructure.

The systems can range from a basic lockdown system to a full system offering lockdown, PA, audio streaming, timed announcements for schools and workplace. The ERMES range of products is a go-to solution in the IP communication market. It has brought significant innovation that simplifies the design, installation and maintenance of systems. For lockdown requirements the system is easy to install, and lockdown messages can be broadcast inside and outside the building. Emergency lockdown buttons can be placed around the site to ensure lockdown can be covered at all entrances. The audio and audio/video equipment EA Combs supplies from the ERMES range is used in the following systems:

  • NTP-POE lockdown PA & intercom
  • Public Address
  • Door communication and video door entry
  • Emergency call/lockdown (SOS)

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