LED Clocks & Systems

EA Combs offering of clocks in the Prestige LED range are compact devices with high configuration capacity. An intuitive users’ menu allows you to fully customise the displayed information from the remote control provided.

All devices have memory back-up in that stores the settings in the event of power failure. Clock’s mounting hardware, a remote control or a LAN communication module are included. Optionally, the clocks can be equipped with a GPS antenna, temperature probe and an industrial acoustic signalling device to announce break times etc. Another feature of the  clocks is they can be fitted with a transmitter or receiver to make up a wireless clock system, enabling all clocks to be synchronised by one GPS antenna.

Features include:

  • adjustment of time
  • automatic brightness control
  • adjustment to 12 or 24-hour format
  • fixed time display blanking
  • time countdown stopwatch function
  • optional, automatic GPS satellite time synchronisation
  • optional, automatic NTP time synchronisation
  • automatic seasonal time change
  • display of temperature (℃ or F)

We offer clocks of different digit heights from 5 – 40cm


  • Buildings: factories, receptions, swimming pools, workplaces, halls, corridors, waiting rooms, school classrooms and exam halls
  • School playgrounds, outside buildings (for reference) and large warehouses
  • Passenger information, logistics centres, stations, platforms, airports

All clocks are (IP66) rated, resistant to adverse weather conditions and have an anti-reflection surface.

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