PoE Clocks (Power over Ethernet)

PoE Clocks Deliver Accurate Time anywhere in the World

Power over Ethernet (PoE) clocks are a durable and precise technology that delivers accurate time anywhere. Easy to install with zero maintenance, these modern analogue or digital clocks give you accurate time and peace of mind.

Accurate Time for Meetings, Classes, Work Shifts and More

Get synchronized time quickly and economically

No need to purchase a Master Clock or deal with serial connections. PoE clocks get both time and power from an Ethernet cable connected to a Local Area Network.

Fast set up, no maintenance

Clocks arrive set to your time zone. Simply plug the clock into a Cat5 Ethernet cable, which provides both power and time synchronization to the clock.

Keep everyone on the same time

Factory-set to your time zone, PoE clocks display accurate time anywhere in the world and automatically adjust for daylight saving time changes where applicable.

Optional buzzer system for clearer time communication

No need for a separate bell system! PoE clocks’ optional buzzer is the perfect solution for a building that needs signaling but doesn’t have a bell system in place.