Is a Wireless Clock System Right for Your Education Facility?

EA Combs offers wireless clock systems with accurate synchronised time for clocks and bells across any educational facility. We offer a diverse range of synchronised clock systems: Wired, Wireless, IP (LED only). Each education facility’s clock system need is different, and we strive to have a technology to fit every situation. Let us show you the highlights of our Wireless System to help you decide if our wireless system is the best for your facility.

When Would a Wireless Clock System be Best?

The EA Combs wireless clock system that is truly a technological advance for clock systems. The clocks operate on 868MHz frequency technology. This technology allows multiple secondary clocks to operate on the same frequency range without interfering with any additional wireless products you may have. Our wireless clock system begins with the master clock, which receives time from a GPS antenna. The master clock then sends out a signal to the secondary clocks. By having a repeater to send the signal to clocks both further down a hallway or on a different level or building, you ensure signal range and system reliability. This ability also eliminates the cost for additional wiring and can be used in larger facilities without having to run complicated wiring.

Features and Specifications

  • Economical Multi-Building Campus – By including EA Combs Repeaters, we provide an economical, multi- building solution without the added expense of purchasing separate master clocks for each building.
  • Multiple Power Options – Our battery-operated analogue clocks offer total freedom for mounting, in addition, there are options for 24V, 110V, or 230V power for both the analogue and digital wireless clocks.
  • No License – With the EA Combs wireless clocks operating on an open frequency range, there is no need to purchase costly licenses, saving you thousands of pounds over the life of the system.

Why Would You Choose the EA Combs Wireless Clock System?

The EA Combs Wireless Clock System is the embodiment of innovation and reliability. Eliminating wiring throughout an entire facility can save you thousands of pounds on installation and allows for retrofitting of an existing installation. While most wireless systems are limited to the range of the transmitter, EA Combs’ is not.

There are additional advantages to the EA Combs wireless clocks that can save you money. This comes from the system itself. By having a wireless clock system installed on the premises, all clock s not only have accurate, synchronised time but also low maintenance costs. In many ways, these capabilities can save organisations thousands of pounds over time. The system can also automatically correct for Daylight Saving Time.

When it comes to a synchronised clock solution for your facility, The EA Combs wireless clock system is an affordable and reliable solution. If having accurate time is a necessary aspect of your organisation then EA Combs offers a system that will save you thousands overall and remain inexpensive during the upfront costs of purchase and installation. The EA Combs wireless clock system will remain synchronised throughout a building or campus, require little to no maintenance and reduce energy use throughout a facility.