Synchronised Office Clock Systems

Efficient time keeping is one of the hallmarks of a successful business. Commercial offices and businesses need to ensure that all systems, departments and employees have access to and utilise the most effective time keeping solutions.

Commercial clock systems come in a range of styles and functionality including analogue clocks for offices, LCD and LED digital display clocks as well as synchronised clock systems for large or multi venue business premises.

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Master clock systems for offices help improve operations efficiency as well as employee productivity. Time literally is Money.

If you need help with choosing a synchronised clock system for your business, please complete the short form below and a specialist will get back to you in 2 business days. At E A Combs we specialise in creating bespoke timing solutions for offices and factories.

Maintenance free, the EA Combs wireless clock system ensures 100%-time accuracy whilst also saving money on twice yearly time changes and battery life of 5 years guaranteed. The clocks are available in size from 12”/303mm up to 36”/920mm in analogue round battery or mains clocks, and 5,10,15 & 20cm LED mains operated clocks.

For a total solution to office time system requirements the EA Combs wireless system is a cost-effective way to maximise productivity and time.

Synchronised Clocks for Offices

Operations Efficiency

Keep all departments running on time all the time to ensure maximum efficiency.

Employee Productivity

Optimizing the performance of your employees is one of the most important attributes to satisfying customers.


Keep time consistent between wall clocks and display clocks and your computer system clocks.

Reduce Annual Maintenance

Immediate reduction in often costly business maintenance.

Health & Safety Compliance

Ensure that your factory or office is fully compliant with all local and national regulations.

Flexible Solution

Wireless clocks can be relocated anywhere in your office without calling an expert.

Commercial Clock Systems - Specification Service