Master clocks

Master Clock Systems

Master clocks are the units at the heart of a clock network, designed to ensure all connected clocks display the same accurate information by synchronizing connecting clocks to ensure they all show the same time.

Master clocks work by using a single central device to send wireless frequencies to hard-wired clock systems, usually in the form of radio waves, ensuring that they are all synchronized with the same time and date. These systems can come in particularly useful if you have large premises where multiple smaller clocks are needed, including factories, office buildings and schools.

At EA Combs we stock a range of master clock systems, central units which can be used to synchronize multiple clocks in network of all sizes, ensuring that the same time is shown all through the premises. These can be useful in areas where there is a large amount of footfall, making it particularly useful for large businesses, including shopping centres and universities.

We have a number of units for sale in varying sizes, from small master clock hubs to power up to 10 clocks to larger systems that can control up to 100 clocks. Contact us for more information and to see how we could help keep your premises synchronized.

Tempus Master Clock

  • Tempus radio controlled master clock
  • Operates up to 50 slave clocks as standard
  • Can be extended to power additional clocks as needed

E A Combs Master Clock M165A

The M165A master clock is intended to control small to medium hard wired clock systems of up to 100 clocks by power and data transmission using the DCF code. Systems can be extended by means of additional power boxes that can be easily added.
The unit is supplied complete with a GPS time code receiver for 100% timekeeping accuracy and automatic time changes.

Small Master Clock M139

This unit is for use with small clock systems of up to 10 clocks and is ideal for advertising clocks as well as clocks in difficult locations. The quartz base sends polarised minute impulses to the slave clocks. It is for indoor use only and cannot be radio controlled.

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