Calendar clocks

Clock calendar units / calendar clocks

The E A Combs range of calendar clocks offers accurate timekeeping linked with perpetual calendar mechanisms that automatically change for varying days in each month and leap years.

These clocks are very well suited for banks and reception areas etc, as well as in residential homes where the constant display of the time, day and date is required. They are proven for assisting people with Alzheimer’s disease and early forms of dementia.


  • Silver finish plastic case, 240x155x35mm
  • LCD digit heights 52 and 22mm
  • Display showing Hours, Minutes, Seconds, Calendar and Temperature
  • Switchable 12/24 hour and °F/°C displays
  • Receives the UK time code signal for 100% timekeeping accuracy and automatic summer/winter time changes
  • Operates using 2 x R6 batteries that are supplied
  • Packed individually in a bubble bag and white box and in outer cartons of 20 clocks
  • Wall or table mounting
  • Viewing distance up to 25 metres


  • 57/20mm, 2.2/0.72“ LCD digit heights
  • Hour, minute, day, date, month, temperature displays
  • Silver case 220x235x20mm
  • Battery 2 x AA size
  • Viewing distance up to 25 metres
  • Wall or Table Mounting


  • 305x380x75mm, 12x15x3“
  • White case
  • 35, 25mm, 1.5, 1“ digit height
  • White 12 hour dial
  • R6 battery
  • Viewing distance up to 30 metres
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